This may be a little more than you’d care to read, but I’m gonna be honest. I am a sweaty girl. I can put on a shirt when I get ready in the morning and by 9 am when I’m at work I’m keeping my arms as close to my body as possible because I can feel the pit stains forming. So a good antiperspirant is very important to me. A lot of people opt for “natural” deodorants because they don’t like the ingredients (like aluminum) in your typical drugstore deodorant. Not me, I would cover my pits in sheets of aluminum foil if it kept me dry all day. Now, thankfully, I don’t have to do that.

My new best friend, a tiny, perfect, bar of deodorant.

I picked up the T’eo Deodorant on a trip to LUSH thisweekend. I’ve been finding myself buying more and more products from LUSH because they sell products in solid form or plastic jars that can be returned so they can reuse them. I didn’t go to LUSH anticipating that I would buy deodorant. But when I thought of my near-empty stick back home, and all the deodorant sticks I’ve thrown out since puberty, I figured it was time to give package free deodorant a shot. I opted for T’eo because it comes package free (unlike their deodorant powder) and for whatever reason Aromaco didn’t sound like it would pack enough punch.

A mixture of ingredients like Sodium Bicarbonate and Cream of Tartar give T’eo its crumbly, solid texture.

The ingredients in T’eo are designed to combat the bacteria in sweat that makes it smell bad. The combination of tea tree, juniper berry, and lemongrass gives it a subtle, fresh scent that doesn’t overpower perfume or other scents you may wear. I have noticed though that it does leave a nice scent in my bathroom cabinet. To apply, I just rub the bar onto my fingers and then rub the powder it leaves behind onto my skin. The bar has a waxy bottom that I hold onto while I use the product, though I have noticed that this is already crumbling away a little bit. There are also some cute flowers imbedded into the top of the bar, but those didn’t last past the first use.

I’m happy to report that T’eo has worked perfectly for me! The timing was a bit fortuitous as it has been in the 80s in Tacoma this week (which is high for us) and I went on a long walk in the afternoon the first day I tested it out. Not only have I not experienced the “detox” from switching from a conventional deodorant that I’ve heard about, I think T’eo works better than any deodorant I’ve ever used. While T’eo isn’t marketed as an antiperspirant I haven’t noticed any excessive perspiration, or much sweat at all really. And, I haven’t gotten white marks all over my clothes as is so common with standard deodorant bars.

Applying this much of the powder keeps me fresh all day!

T’eo is available for $10.95 from LUSH, which will get you 3.1 oz of product, or $3.53 per ounce. I use so little at a time that I imagine my current bar will last months, if not longer. This is slightly more than the $2.30 per ounce price of a deodorant I’ve previously purchased from Walgreens, but it is significantly cheaper than $8.24 per ounce for the Lavanila deodorant that is extremely popular from Sephora. Overall, I would definitely recommend T’eo to anyone, whether or not they are trying to live low-waste.  I am very to happy to have found a product that uses no packaging, doesn’t require that I experiment with any DIY recipes, and that doesn’t use aluminum (which may or may not be harmful to us).

Have you used T’eo and do you love it as much as I do? If not, what do you use to keep perspiration at bay?