You Know You’re A Zero Waster When

10 signs you might be living a zero waste life:

1: You leave the house with more necessities than a lot of people

Your daily list probably includes a thermos, a stainless steel water bottle, reusable grocery bag, cutlery, a cloth napkin, and maybe even a Tupperware (or stainless steel) container in case you need to bring home leftovers.

2: You see plastic everywhere!

Plastic is the enemy and it will not leave you alone. From produce wrapped in unnecessary shrink-wrap and plastic straws to the pens at your work desk, you can’t help cringe a little every time you have to use plastic and are constantly searching plastic free-alternatives.

plastic 2.jpg

3: You memorize weird traits about every grocery store

You know which grocery store has the best bulk bins. The grocery store where clerks don’t give you a weird look when you have reusable produce bags. And where you can find kitchen essentials like Bees Wrap and reusable Ziploc bags.

4: You’re your own apothecary 

You have definitely looked up DIY recipes for toothpaste, deodorant, cough drops, and household cleaners. You also know that baking soda, vinegar, and castile soap are the answer to many of life’s problems.

5: You have trash envy

You are in serious awe of people who can fit a year’s worth of trash in a mason jar. As a result, you probably feel guilty every time you blow your nose or when your drink comes with a straw.

6: You’re a little afraid when you run out of conventional products

While the aesthetic of a plastic free kitchen or bathroom is hugely appealing, you dread the day when you run out of conditioner. Because while you know you probably don’t need the product you just ran out of, sometimes convenience is just so tempting.

7: Your friends talk trash to you 

Once friends and family members catch on to what you’re doing, they start to tell you about how they are cutting back on trash. It feels great to know that even though you’re just one person, your actions can have a larger ripple effect.

8: You think recycling is overrated

You’ve memorized the 5 Rs and try to use as few products as possible with a lifecycle that ends at a recycling center.

9: You make semi-odd requests at restaurants and cafes

You always ask for a drink with no straw, bring odd containers for leftovers, or old sacks for pastries, bread, etc. You also know which places are the most accommodating and it often even sparks a great conversation about sustainability.


10: You feel a little bit better about the world

Even though the news is bleak and things seem out of control, you know that you have immense power in your own personal life. You know every day is an opportunity to make choices that will do as little damage to the environment as possible, and maybe get to leave Earth a little bit better than it was when you got here.